Felicity Do’s & Dont’s

Here are some tips and hints to make your Felicity Experience fabulous!!!


  • Share any visions, themes or expectations and any concern you may have about your body during your complimentary pre-portrait consultation so that we can be completely prepared to accentuate the things about you that you love, and minimize the things that make you uncomfortable! And remember that the level of clothing is determined by YOU so be honest and let us know your expectations.
  • Moisturize your skin the morning of your session but please no SPF, self-tanners, or body oil.
  • Bring a playlist already organized of all the favorite music so you can groove to your own tunes and bring in fun accessories that depict you – especially if they can enhance any theme or look you’re planning to achieve.
  • Get your eyebrows finished a few days prior to your session to avoid red skin and puffiness (same goes for the bikini area).
  • Refrain from having a facial just before your photo date.
  • Do have your finger and toe nails looking clean and polished.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before your session.
  • Have fun and enjoy your Felicity Experience!


  • Stress!! Your portrait session is a pleasant time of dress up or dress down! It’s all about you! We will have a good time .
  • Over indulge the night before your session. Plan to celebrate after the session – you’ll want to because you’ll be feeling better than ever!
  • Wear tight-fitting clothes to your session – lines can take hours to disappear and will keep us from getting started right away with your experience.
  • Get sunburn right before your session. Remember tan lines will show. Some may find tan lines sexy, so that can be cool, but if you don’t, then work to get rid of them prior to your session.
  • Use SPF, self-tanners, tanning beds, or bronzers.
  • Be late!