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Not Work At All

On Christmas Day, I was commissioned to make portraits of a multi generation family. My husband Claudio was kind enough to go with me. A beautiful afternoon to make memories while making portraits. Sunny with cloud coverage and a gorgeous yard, was so nice to work with. The family was having a fun Christmas day and we were able to join in.

Portraits are forever telling a story without words. This is where I started. Sears & Shirley were sitting side by side enjoying each other just as you see them. This was their natural pose with arms and hands entwined. As I approached, their natural reaction was to want to let go and straighten up for a photo. We did do that too, but I’m glad the story they tell with their hands exists for generations to come. I had fun with this family and took away how important my work, which at times feels like No Work At All, is to some.


A Day of Learning

Yesterday I was given the opportunity by Professional Photographers of America to help other photographers grow their craft and hone their skills during the popular PPA Super 1 Day Class I taught.

The class title was Photographing Women- Glamour, Boudoir, Maternity.  I had the joy of showing four photographers, one local, how and what I love to do most. I intentionally kept the class size small as I designed it so their would be plenty of practical experience for attendees.

In the morning I gave them the information I use to successfully photograph women. I learned this information from many different photographers during the workshops I myself have invested in and also by trial and error of my own experiences.

We photographed five different women of differing ages, shapes, sizes and characteristics. Amongst them was a past boudoir client of mine who was able to give testimony of her experience. These women are not professional models but instead lovely ladies from surrounding communities who represented actual clients that desire this luxury. All beautiful in their own right but very different, they did a fantastic job at helping us. The attendees were able to practice in the afternoon the techniques they were taught during the morning class session.

Directing clients into positions that showcase their beauty and using methods that encourage the essence of their female subjects to surface, is integral to successfully photograph women. Students were taught  proper lighting techniques and light patterns to flatter and accentuate the individuals best features. Attendees also learned and practiced adding and subtracting light from their subject using reflectors and bogos or flags.

I was happy to help them refine their skills and watch them gain experience in a safe, judgement free atmosphere where their questions were answered immediately and they could see the difference small changes could make.

At the end of our day I was fulfilled by the comments these colleagues of mine made about my teaching style and the information I had given them.

These are a few snapshots taken with a phone by one of the attendees. Standby for some of the images made during class by the students.

20151005_141137 20151005_133459 (1)

Felicity Family Pictures

We at Felicity Images believe it is of utmost importance to have, hold and leave for future generations printed photographs.

This is a time when most have a camera in hand, pocket or purse. Ready for that quick snapshot of a fleeting moment. We all love to share our lives in stills, for all to see. With social media, it’s so easy to keep up with those we care about, or what interests us, near and far. Every now and then when reasons exist we revel in the past, to a time perhaps much different than now. We learn about people, places and things long gone because of printed material left behind. Who will tell the story of today many years from now.

My own past is documented in many forms of digital media (floppy disk, hard disks, cd’s, etc.) for the past 25 years. There are a number of years in my children’s lives that are forever kept in these digital archives that can not be accessed. I can not share those memories with my grandchildren. I can not show them how life was when their parents were teenagers. Those memories are safely stored and never to be recovered or shared because the digital world grows so quickly that we deal with what once was the greatest but now is obsolete. Are we the forgotten era? Years from now there won’t be all the  visual story tellers that we have and know from times past, the good old printed photos. We encourage you to print your snapshots, where ever they may be.

The hearts and souls behind Felicity Images, llc are committed to helping families leave their legacy in professional prints.

It is essential, Felicity Family Essential! A quality photo session, in studio or outdoors, without all the bells and whistles, unless you want them. A great value! Receive a 45 minute styled, family portrait session, informal, interactive and sometimes silly- fun.  Enjoy seeing your collection in a comfortable, relaxed setting, projected on a big screen. Pick your favorite image and we will make you a finished gift print 8×10 or smaller to keep and 25 Christmas cards, or 4×6 prints, to share. Yes, a great value for $165.

As if that isn’t good enough, you will also be helping children through PPA Charities. 10 percent of every session sale will be donated. Join us in celebrating families as we enter this most wonderful time of the year. Contact us now.

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Priscilla’s Experience



Such an interesting topic. One of the greatest things I have been taught is to love and respect my craft. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

Since early on in my decision to become a professional photographer (truly having no idea what that was) I have been blessed beyond measure with great mentors and different folks who have taken an interest and lots of their time to help me find myself, my vision, for my craft and what it is all about regarding me. Dick Robertson, who has taught me so much about light and posing but mostly about the emotion and history we as photographers are able to preserve, told me not long ago that what drew him to me was an earnest desire to learn to do it best.  I have a lot to learn, but I have learned a lot!  Not sure what best is still but it is still my on going desire to be that.

For now best is striving for excellence not just in my work, customer service and business but also in being generous with those in our community who have a sincere desire to do good work and are hungry for someone to teach them what it is to be a professional photographer. to do it well, and despite this buy a camera and hang your “pro photos” shingle out, society of ours, invest time and money in becoming educated.

Those in my intern program start by learning and fulfilling the requirements of the law, to practice what we do. Ahh, you didn’t know that was even a step either?? … I bet. Many “pro photographers” in our community still don’t. That is the first step, the rest is a never ending process called learning and as my mentor is quick to remind me “Everyday in every way we get better and better.” Not just learning about your equipment, the light, posing, post processing and retouching but about having a real business and growing it strong.  Sorry, I wish it could be done with $50 sessions and discs, but it can’t… say the pros. I listen to them. I respect my craft, I hope to raise the standards of professional photography in Vero Beach and surrounding areas by education and camaraderie. Inquire within to learn more.

This afternoon I have the pleasure of beginning another journey with a “new photographer”, I am so excited about learning more together.

I am not afraid of building up colleagues to compete with at a professional standard. We all start somewhere, I am afraid of the damage caused to our industry by those who are complacent.  Allowing where they are and what they know to be “good enough” to make that quick $50 vs learning to grow a true photography business by pro organizations standards. Grant it anyone can get lucky and take a good snapshot, and I there is a time and place for those snapshots. But I like to think  that I, like those I invest my time and knowledge in, will be the choice when the moments of documenting “emotion and history” matter. -Nellie

Precious Love


It is a wonderfully wet day in Vero Beach today. I am thankful for the rain, we needed it but I’m even more thankful for Felicity Images studio. I can still make beautiful portraits for my clients, no need to reschedule!

Recent Clients Share

michele Knight & Diane ShampineGayle Weber

Feeling Good!

Today I scheduled a few hours to help a colleague of mine who is working on her Certification Images. While waiting for her to arrive this morning I received a phone call from a lady needing executive portraits (head shot) for the annual report for her company. We went over our calendars and really couldn’t find a date that was good for both of us even looking as far as November. I offered her a time next week but she really wanted to have her hair cut and makeup freshly done for her portrait and that was happening today. Just happened that I could fit her in this afternoon in between appointments and I am so happy I did.

It was wonderful helping a fellow photographer with the requirements for CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) image submission. We looked at her images and then played in the camera room while I taught her how I make the lighting right for my clients and made suggestions to perhaps help her achieve her goals. We had fun! I love being a CPP Liaison and helping other photographers raise their bar. I believe it contributes to our industry, making it stronger and healthier. In conversation I learned  this photographer wants to specialize in corporate head shots. I mentioned that was my next appointment and she asked if she could stay and watch me. Of course I didn’t mind.

It was a wonderful session with a beautiful lady. A professional herself, a Marine Biologist who does research. She was kind enough to allow me to teach while I worked and told me she thought it was intriguing to see how much goes into making a portrait, even one as simple as a “head shot”.  Afterwards we sat together the three of us and selected her images. She got them down to four, although she really only needed one. That thrills me! My client told us that she had never been to a professional before and was amazed at the difference it made.

All in all, I helped a fellow photographer fine tune her skills, I helped a professional lady get exactly what she was looking for and more and I made myself feel good doing what I enjoy doing and doing it well! A successful day, now I will go play with my grandkids!

Do something that makes you feel good today!

Come on girls, let’s do Pin Up!

Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast  will enjoy it’s first of a kind party for both the young and the young at heart. Think 1940’s and 1950’s, there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest too. It’s all about Pin-Up!

Pin-up is so classic and timeless, I am so excited to see what all the ladies come up with! Grab your friends and make it a date, believe me you will remember this event. What can be more fun than getting the girls together and helping each other look your best in true retro style. There will be plenty to eat and drink too! Pro hair & makeup will be available for suggestions or you can take advantage of their service for a nominal fee. You can also bring your stuff and get your friends to do you up. Bring props or use mine! I will have a set and my camera ready for anyone who would like their photo made. Prints may be purchased but there is no obligation. Remember you must be 21 to participate. This is a wonderful introduction to Felicity Images, we hope you and your friends will be there.

Please be sure to pre register by submitting your payment of $5 through PayPal to Don’t do PayPal? Call us at 772-539-8527, we will be happy to take your card information. All registration proceeds will go to Safe Space, a place for women to go when leaving domestic violence relationships.

We do have limited complimentary display tables available for vendors. There is only one condition, it must be related to Pin-Up; hair, makeup, jewelry, clothing. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

See you there ladies!

.Fi Pin Up Campaign