Not Work At All

On Christmas Day, I was commissioned to make portraits of a multi generation family. My husband Claudio was kind enough to go with me. A beautiful afternoon to make memories while making portraits. Sunny with cloud coverage and a gorgeous yard, was so nice to work with. The family was having a fun Christmas day and we were able to join in.

Portraits are forever telling a story without words. This is where I started. Sears & Shirley were sitting side by side enjoying each other just as you see them. This was their natural pose with arms and hands entwined. As I approached, their natural reaction was to want to let go and straighten up for a photo. We did do that too, but I’m glad the story they tell with their hands exists for generations to come. I had fun with this family and took away how important my work, which at times feels like No Work At All, is to some.