A Day of Learning

Yesterday I was given the opportunity by Professional Photographers of America to help other photographers grow their craft and hone their skills during the popular PPA Super 1 Day Class I taught.

The class title was Photographing Women- Glamour, Boudoir, Maternity.  I had the joy of showing four photographers, one local, how and what I love to do most. I intentionally kept the class size small as I designed it so their would be plenty of practical experience for attendees.

In the morning I gave them the information I use to successfully photograph women. I learned this information from many different photographers during the workshops I myself have invested in and also by trial and error of my own experiences.

We photographed five different women of differing ages, shapes, sizes and characteristics. Amongst them was a past boudoir client of mine who was able to give testimony of her experience. These women are not professional models but instead lovely ladies from surrounding communities who represented actual clients that desire this luxury. All beautiful in their own right but very different, they did a fantastic job at helping us. The attendees were able to practice in the afternoon the techniques they were taught during the morning class session.

Directing clients into positions that showcase their beauty and using methods that encourage the essence of their female subjects to surface, is integral to successfully photograph women. Students were taught  proper lighting techniques and light patterns to flatter and accentuate the individuals best features. Attendees also learned and practiced adding and subtracting light from their subject using reflectors and bogos or flags.

I was happy to help them refine their skills and watch them gain experience in a safe, judgement free atmosphere where their questions were answered immediately and they could see the difference small changes could make.

At the end of our day I was fulfilled by the comments these colleagues of mine made about my teaching style and the information I had given them.

These are a few snapshots taken with a phone by one of the attendees. Standby for some of the images made during class by the students.

20151005_141137 20151005_133459 (1)