Felicity Family Pictures

We at Felicity Images believe it is of utmost importance to have, hold and leave for future generations printed photographs.

This is a time when most have a camera in hand, pocket or purse. Ready for that quick snapshot of a fleeting moment. We all love to share our lives in stills, for all to see. With social media, it’s so easy to keep up with those we care about, or what interests us, near and far. Every now and then when reasons exist we revel in the past, to a time perhaps much different than now. We learn about people, places and things long gone because of printed material left behind. Who will tell the story of today many years from now.

My own past is documented in many forms of digital media (floppy disk, hard disks, cd’s, etc.) for the past 25 years. There are a number of years in my children’s lives that are forever kept in these digital archives that can not be accessed. I can not share those memories with my grandchildren. I can not show them how life was when their parents were teenagers. Those memories are safely stored and never to be recovered or shared because the digital world grows so quickly that we deal with what once was the greatest but now is obsolete. Are we the forgotten era? Years from now there won’t be all the  visual story tellers that we have and know from times past, the good old printed photos. We encourage you to print your snapshots, where ever they may be.

The hearts and souls behind Felicity Images, llc are committed to helping families leave their legacy in professional prints.

It is essential, Felicity Family Essential! A quality photo session, in studio or outdoors, without all the bells and whistles, unless you want them. A great value! Receive a 45 minute styled, family portrait session, informal, interactive and sometimes silly- fun.  Enjoy seeing your collection in a comfortable, relaxed setting, projected on a big screen. Pick your favorite image and we will make you a finished gift print 8×10 or smaller to keep and 25 Christmas cards, or 4×6 prints, to share. Yes, a great value for $165.

As if that isn’t good enough, you will also be helping children through PPA Charities. 10 percent of every session sale will be donated. Join us in celebrating families as we enter this most wonderful time of the year. Contact us now.

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