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Feeling Good!

Today I scheduled a few hours to help a colleague of mine who is working on her Certification Images. While waiting for her to arrive this morning I received a phone call from a lady needing executive portraits (head shot) for the annual report for her company. We went over our calendars and really couldn’t find a date that was good for both of us even looking as far as November. I offered her a time next week but she really wanted to have her hair cut and makeup freshly done for her portrait and that was happening today. Just happened that I could fit her in this afternoon in between appointments and I am so happy I did.

It was wonderful helping a fellow photographer with the requirements for CPP (Certified Professional Photographer) image submission. We looked at her images and then played in the camera room while I taught her how I make the lighting right for my clients and made suggestions to perhaps help her achieve her goals. We had fun! I love being a CPP Liaison and helping other photographers raise their bar. I believe it contributes to our industry, making it stronger and healthier. In conversation I learned  this photographer wants to specialize in corporate head shots. I mentioned that was my next appointment and she asked if she could stay and watch me. Of course I didn’t mind.

It was a wonderful session with a beautiful lady. A professional herself, a Marine Biologist who does research. She was kind enough to allow me to teach while I worked and told me she thought it was intriguing to see how much goes into making a portrait, even one as simple as a “head shot”.  Afterwards we sat together the three of us and selected her images. She got them down to four, although she really only needed one. That thrills me! My client told us that she had never been to a professional before and was amazed at the difference it made.

All in all, I helped a fellow photographer fine tune her skills, I helped a professional lady get exactly what she was looking for and more and I made myself feel good doing what I enjoy doing and doing it well! A successful day, now I will go play with my grandkids!

Do something that makes you feel good today!

Come on girls, let’s do Pin Up!

Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast  will enjoy it’s first of a kind party for both the young and the young at heart. Think 1940’s and 1950’s, there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest too. It’s all about Pin-Up!

Pin-up is so classic and timeless, I am so excited to see what all the ladies come up with! Grab your friends and make it a date, believe me you will remember this event. What can be more fun than getting the girls together and helping each other look your best in true retro style. There will be plenty to eat and drink too! Pro hair & makeup will be available for suggestions or you can take advantage of their service for a nominal fee. You can also bring your stuff and get your friends to do you up. Bring props or use mine! I will have a set and my camera ready for anyone who would like their photo made. Prints may be purchased but there is no obligation. Remember you must be 21 to participate. This is a wonderful introduction to Felicity Images, we hope you and your friends will be there.

Please be sure to pre register by submitting your payment of $5 through PayPal to Don’t do PayPal? Call us at 772-539-8527, we will be happy to take your card information. All registration proceeds will go to Safe Space, a place for women to go when leaving domestic violence relationships.

We do have limited complimentary display tables available for vendors. There is only one condition, it must be related to Pin-Up; hair, makeup, jewelry, clothing. Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

See you there ladies!

.Fi Pin Up Campaign